The Galactic car cover is our Premium Outdoor Model. Galactic is heavy and soft to touch with a high tear strength it is slightly stretchy which helps the fit and has double fell seams to aid the water resistance. The Galactic has a premium look and feel and provides the best overall protection on the market today. The Galactic Premium Outdoor car cover comes with underbody securing straps, as well as front, rear and side eyelets to add extra straps to aid location of the cover in windy conditions. (please remember to leave a bit of slack when fastening). The Galactic also has a locking kit facility (locking kit sold separately) to aid security. Available from stock for a large range of vehicles, Storage bag is included


Storage bags 


Our Galactic Outdoor Premium car cover is manufactured from polyester with a very high tear strength, a breathable membrane to allow evaporation of water and dew and a moisture resistant soft non scratch lining to diminish any scratches and increase protection of your paintwork. Double stitched seams provide you with the best water resistant protection. Likewise on the other car cover models the front and rear elasticated hems are heavy duty to aid with durability and fit. You are also provided with additional front and rear eyelets to provide extra security in windy locations. Colour – Coral Grey

Galactic Premium Outdoor provides protection from:

  • Ultra Violet rays
  • Rain
  • Snow (please brush off at earliest convenience to ensure breathability)
  • Frost
  • Dust
  • Dirt
  • Scrapes & Scratches
  • Birds
  • Tree Sap


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